Volunteers Needed!

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PERM needs volunteers. The heart of any successful grass-roots organization is its volunteers. The following is a list of some of the events, shows and fundraisers PERM puts on or participates in. It's easy to get involved. Check the section below or just attend one of our monthly meetings.

While we are always looking for someone to chair an event or function, what we need most are people who can give a few hours carrying out simple tasks, outlined by the event chair. Tasks may include: 1) Collecting merchandise from local businesses for events in their area. 2) Making a few phone calls. 3) Helping out with ticket sales. 4) Helping to find other local volunteers to work at the event. None of these tasks are overwhelming, but they all take time.

PERM also attends sport shows. These shows require many hours to staff vendor booths. The work is not complicated or hard. In fact, it’s often quite fun meeting many other outdoor enthusiasts in a sport show environment, but we need help staffing the PERM booth. Duties involve;

1) Passing out current information and PERM Newsletters to showgoers.

2) Helping customers fill out raffle tickets and forms for PERM merchandise.

3) Booth set-up and tear-down. Nothing too complicated, just chip in and help out the person in charge of the booth that day.

The following are approximate times and places for some of the functions we may do each year. Each newsletter has more specific times and dates for up-coming events.

January or February:
PERM’s Annual Metro Area Fund-raiser in Blaine

3 days St. Cloud Sportsmen’s Show St. Cloud, MN

3 days Musky Expo Blaine, MN

6 days Game Fair Anoka, MN

PERM’s Annual Fall Auction Mille Lacs Lake Area

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